Fit and Proper Person. Government guidance to Councils
Whole document published by recommendation of our colleague Colin Gray.
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Copy of the Written Statement for park homes in England August 2021 Ron PHRAA.
Sample Copy of the WRITTEN STATEMENT which should be given to every buyer of a park home in England Ideally this should be given to the prospective buyer at least 28 days before purchase by the park owner, unless agreed otherwise. The IMPILED TERMS ARE LAW AND CANNOT BE CHANGED The rest including the park rules, are by agreement with the park owner. Make sure you get a copy of this from the park owner before you buy and dont be fobbed off with excuses. Ron Joyce PHRAA.
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Park Homes Written Statement for Wales Ron August 2021
Sample Copy of the Written Statement for residential park homes purchased in Wales.
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Park Homes Sample Copy of Written Agreement for homes purchased in Scotland.
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Government brochure to he Mobile Homes Act 1983 Ron Ed. August 2021
2013 Act Brochure.pdf
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Full version of 1983 Mobile Homes Act August 2021 Ron Ed
1983 Mobile Homes Act 1983 in full
1983 Act.pdf
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1960 Caravan Act. Ron Joyce Ed August 2021
1960 Caravan Act.
1960 Act pdf.pdf
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Model Standards for caravan Sites2008 Ron PHRAA.
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Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 Site Licence for Permanent Residential Sits
Supplied by a friend and colleague. Copy of a "Generic" Caravan Sites Act Licence Conditions issued by Local Authorities in England when issuing a Licence to a park owner. Although this example is isxued by the Council named, it is a copy of the Site Licence and Conditions used by all Local Councils who are charged by Government to enforce same, but usually choose not too. May help desperate residents to put pressure on their Local Council to do so, as because of their neglect park home residents are suffering and feel they are discriminated against and treated as second class citezens.
TWC Licence Conditions.pdf
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Pitch Fee Review Form. Ron for website March 2013
This is the official form which must accompany the annual pitch fee review . If site owner does not include this form when seeking an increase, then his request is not valid and any increase need not be paid.
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Full Government version of the Mobile Homes Act 2013 in pdf Ron for web March 2018
Mobile Homes Act 2013.pdf
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Clearly written, easy to understand and interesting Factsheet produced by AGE UK for the benefit of existing and potential park home owners. Explains the basic details of the Mobile Home Act legislation without the gobbledegook. Well worth a read. Reproduced for the PHRAA WEBSITE. Ron Ed. October 2017
PHRAA. Vital Info AGE UK Park Homes fact[...]
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Membership Application Form for anyone wishing become a member of the park Home Residents Action Alliance (PHRAA) A voluntary national park Home Residents Organisation working exclusively for the rights of all park home residents to a fair deal
. PHRAA "TELLS IT AS IT IS" Established 2002 PHRAA does not or will not accept any sponsorship from any individual or company connected to the park Home Industry PHRAA works exclusively for park home owners /residents.
Doc1PHRAA revised membership form March [...]
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