Post Legislative Assessment of the Mobile Homes Act Ron for web January 2019
Memorandum to Communities and Local Government Select Committee. Post legislative Assessment of the Mobile Homes Act 2013
Published January 2019 Ton PHRAA
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PHRAA information Bulletin. ARE PARK OWNERS GETTING WORRIED BY PHRAA' Eye opening exposure. Ron Ed August b2018
Essential reading for park home owners, especially anyone considering buying a park home. This hard hitting article exposes the extreme and desperate lengths some park owners will go too, to hide the true situation as it exists for so many innocent and vulnerable park home owners.Compiled for the PHRAA website by Ron Joyce PHRAA. Described by the park owner featured in this article as an "ASTOUNDINGLY IGNORANT< PUFFED UP BURKE" "FULL OF SELF IMPORTANCE". Really, I'm quite flattered. Its not everyday you get compliments like that! Well worth a read. Will also be included in a forthcoming edition of PHRAA NEWS.
PHRAA. Bulletin for website. Are site ow[...]
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First Tier Property Tribunal Decision. Toplands Farm Slaughterford, Chippenham, Wiltshire SN14 8RD.. Ron Ed. March 2018
Application for an Order that the Site owner give occupiers a Written Statement as to terms of Section 1 (6) Mobile Homes act 1983 as amended. Residents Lost. Now face homelessness.. Devasting result for Residents. Ron Editor for web. March 2018
Tribunal Decision Toplands Farm, Slaught[...]
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Tribunal result. Guildford Council v Wyldcrest parks PHRAA for website February 2018
Thanks to Mr Nick Cotton, Fellow Park Homes Campaigner PHRAA is pleased to publish the findings of a Tribunal Hearing recently which features a victory for Guildford Council, against Wyldcrest Parks. preventing unlawful development..
Site Licensing of Park Homes preventing [...]
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Havering Lake View park Stop Notice issued 04 01 2018 against illegal development by Wyldcrest parks
Warning to prospective buyers of Residential Park homes, Always check with local Council that the Park is a protected site. Failure to do so could cost you your home a savings
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PHRAA Government Summary of Responses to part 1 of Consultation Document.
Summary of responses to the recent government call for evidence. Reproduced by PHRAA for the convenience of all park home owners. January 2018. Well worth a read.
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Government Consultation Document. Review of park home legislation & response form + PHRAA comments
Government. Review of park Homes legisla[...]
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Official Minutes of the All party Parliamentary Group on Park Homes 13th September 2017
For the information of all park Home owners, PHRAA has reproduced and published the Minutes of this APPG meeting. Ron Editor Park Homes PHRAA NEWS and the PHRAA Website November 2017
All party parliamentary group on park ho[...]
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PHRAA. House of Commons BRIEFING PAPER MOBILE (PARK ) HOMES - 10% Commission on Residents park home sales June 2017
Reproduced in full for the information of all park homes residents and prospective buyers 16 pages of this government paper on the detested 10% Commission legally charged by site owners each and every time residents sell their own homes. Interesting read.
Published by the Park Home Residents Action Alliance (PHRAA) by Ron Joyce, General Secretary and Editor of The Online magazine, Park Homes PHRAA NEWS and the PHRAA website. September 2017
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WHATEVER HAPPENED TO "CONSUMER FOCUS" The Park Home Residents Action Alliance (PHRAA) investigates.
In 2012 "Consumer Focus" conducted a detailed report bringing to the attention of government the problems, abuse and other forms of mistreatment endured by park home owners nationally, mainly at the hands of unscrupulous park owners, revealed by their thorough investigation, and produced a damning report, which it produced to Government. Unfortunately, very soon after the report was presented, Consumer Focus work with park Homes was suddenly discontinued, and the report appears to have disappeared. PHRAA has now reproduced the whole of this revealing report in full for the benefit of all park home owners.
Important information PHRAA Website.. An[...]
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IMPORTANT LATEST INFORMATION The Role of the Police in the protection of Park Home Owners ????
The Park Home Residents Action Alliance (PHRAA) republishes the wonderful work of DCI Mark Colquhoun who following his dedicated investigation code-named "OPERATION KINGPIN" which successfully prosecuted a gang of rogue site owners terrifying residents by setting fire to homes in 2009, produced a telling report to Government together with a document for the attention of all Police Forces nationally, suggesting how they respond to park home residents problems which seems to have disappeared from the park home information and desperately needed bringing back into the public eye. Available free to view and download. A MUST TO VIEW!
For PHRAA website Role of Police in prot[...]
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Important Information for park Home Residents.GOVERNMENT BRIEFING PAPER MOBILE (PARK) HOMES.
Reproduced in full for the attention of all park home owners Government produced document entitled BRIEFING PAPER MOBILE (PARK) HOMES. Well worth a read reveals current progress on legislation.
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PHRAA. Important Information for all Park Home Residents. Fire Safety Park Homes??
Result of the Park Home Residents Action Alliance (PHRAA) research into British Standards 3432 & BS 3643 regarding Fire Safety, OR LACK OF, in Park/Mobile Homes. Report "Fire Safety in Timber Buildings"
Imortant Info on Park Homes obtained by [...]
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Attention all Park Home Residents who pay their water charges to the park owner. Have you been overcharged???. PHRAA
Urgent information to all park home residents who pay water bills to the park owner. You may be victims of overcharging.
Thanks to the Park Home Residents Action Alliance (PHRAA) you now have the chance to claim money back and it wont cost you a penny. DON'T DELAY. CONTACT WATER CLAIMS UK TODAY and Register your claim. You'll be glad you did
Urgent notice. for PHRAA Website Water o[...]
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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Concerning the Future of PHRAA By Ron and the PHRAA Team.
Take notice all enemies of PHRAA including UPO's and others, just to let you know that PHRAA ain't going know where
Special Announcement. FUTURE OF PHRAA [...]
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Tribute to Malcolm Samways. Chairman of PHRAA a Founder member and Chairman of PHRAA 2002 - 2017
Tribute to Malcolm. dear friend and colleague who passed away peacefully at home on 4th April 2017.
Sadly missed by Colin, Joan and Ron. The PHRAA Team.
Tribute to Malcolm Founder member and Ch[...]
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PHRAA Warning Bulletin LPG Gas potential scam November 2016
Unscrupulous Park Owner (UPO) forcing residents to buy LPG Gas supplies only from him
Warning Bulletin for website November 20[...]
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Urgent request for information from PHRAA
Request for information from PHRAA to all residential Park home owners, Holiday Caravan and Lodge owners. PHRAA is compiling a detailed report on the disgusting lack of legal protection and dismissive attitude of local Councils, Police Etc to complaints against their residents by the ever growing number of Unscrupulous Park Owners. All responses treated in strict confidence Your UPO will never find out from PHRAA who exposed him.
Urgent notice for PHRAA NEWS readers an[...]
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Details of an important Campaign by Age UK calling upon Government to give financial help park home residents keep warm in winter This campaign is strongly supported by the Park Home Residents Action Alliance (PHRAA) "Tells it as it is"
For web. Age UK. Park home Warmth Campa[...]
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