PHRAA Report for Government exposing an horrific incident of harassment by unscrupulous park owner Ron September 2018
Site owner takes revenge on 78 year old disabled pensioner and active campaigner for park home owners rights and a founder member and General Secretary of PHRAA since 2002., by together with his sons and workmen invaded his plot without warning, destroying his garden and property.. Ongoing and very disturbing true story. happening now. Hopefully a timely warning to anyone thinking of buying a park home to spend their retirement years. Hell hath no fury than a park owner defied! Ron Joyce PHRAA
Nedic Rewport PHRAA Ron Gov September 20[...]
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PHRAA Report on the theft of Justice Camaign leader Sonia McColls park home
Description of theft and appeal for new home to replace the one stolen by scumbags making Sonia homeless Ron PHRAA December 2017
PHRAA. Sonia's stolen Home Ron December[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [313.5 KB]
Intimidation by fire of park home resident by ruthless park owner 2013
Detailed report, complete with Photographic evidence, compiled by the victim, Ron, General Secretary of PHRAA, of a real horrific act of deliberate intimidation by fire, carried on over several days, of an elderly park home owner at Silver Poplars Park, South Staffordshire, by the notorious Park owner, C SW Nedic.
Nedic intimidation report by PHRAA for i[...]
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