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Just when PHRAA's adverseries thought they had seen the back of us, we are back, and together with our sister site "PHRAA NEWS" stronger and more outspoken than ever.

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PHRAA Head Office.  5. Silver Poplars, Holyhead Road, Kingswood, Albrighton. South Staffs. WV7 3AP.  Tel 01902 373462.  email ronald.joyce@thephraa.website     or  ronjoyce@phraa.co.uk  or  ronjoyce@thephraa.co.uk

President,/ Consultant, Colin Packman. 89. Towngate Wood Park, Tonbridge, Kent. TN10 3RT  Tel. 01732 359655.

Joan Williams. Treasurer/ Consultant.  HIGHVIEW, 2. Pool View Park, Buildwas, Telford, Shropshire. TF8 7BS.  Tel.  01952 432347  Email.  jonessheltie@btinternet.com


Important information.. Direct access to the PHRAA Petition to Government to make Local Councils enforce park home legislation now on the PHRAA Facebook page
For anyone not on Facebbok PHRAA hjas placed a direct link on this website for you to access and sign PHRAA's newly launched 38 Degrees petition calling on Government to immediately change their current direction to all Local Authorities giving them the powers to enforce park home legislation to making it on duty for them to enforce. Please sign and get all your friends to sign. Together we can get these often patronising council officials to earn what take from us park home owners in Council tax and do their job and curb the ruthless tactics of the ever increasing numbers of unscrupulous park owners. Ron Joyce. PHRAA.
Dear friends petition email Ron Septembe[...]
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PHRAA. Urgent Notice for PHRAA Members.
Important notice from Joan, PHRAA's Treasurer and now Membership Secretary regarding the unavoidable delays in sending out membership renewal forms also assuring all current members that they are still members during the updating of records etc.
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  Welcome to the brand new website of the PARK HOME RESIDENTS ACTION ALLIANCE (PHRAA) which, together with its sister site "PHRAA NEWS" are unique in that they are the ONLY truthful, no-nonsence, source of essential park/mobile home information available anywhere to anyone considering selling up their bricks and mortar family homes and investing their hard earned life savings in the purchase of a park/mobile home in which to spend their retirement years. This vital information  is the ongoing result of years of 'raw' and often horrifying experience, which includes the criminal exploitation of 60,70, 80 even 90 year old park home owners, available anywhere else either online or in print.


"thephraa.website" and "PHRAA NEWS" websites are produced exclusively for residential park home owners and prospective buyers by park home owners and totally unlike other others, the information available is completely open to everyone and anyone to view and download, FREE OF CHARGE!


The PHRAA website is packed with vital and fully up to date information, which besides exposing the latest scams being used by UNSCRUPULOUS PARK OWNERS/OPERATORS (UPO's) against their residents, also contains the latest news, comments, informative feature articles, warning bulletins, latest Government (DCLG) regulations, plans, consultations etc., advice on buying park/mobile homes and the veryday park home lifestyle problems frequently resulting from.


What it DOES NOT contain is any form of park/mobile home advertising, therefore cannot be infuenced by any form of industry money, power or being obliged to conform to any industry dictated censorship  or restrictions as to what we can publish.


PHRAA is unique among other existing national park home Residents Associations/ organisations, purporting  to stand up for residents rights, in that PHRAA does not, never has, asnd never will, accept any form of payment/sponsorship from any company, individual, organisation that has any  connection whatsoever with the Park Home Industry.  This policy ensures that the PHRAA organisation can rightfully claim to be truly independent, therefore totally dedicated to working exclusively to improve the welfare of all park home/mobile home owners without having to refer to those holding the purse strings, before speaking out.   PHRAA firmly believes that where the subject of industry sponsorship of any kind is concerned,..... "he who pays the piper calls the tune"!    


PHRAA is the only voluntary National Park Home Residents organisation that "TELLS IT AS IT IS".


We really must sincerely apologise to the many thousands of loyal PHRAA followers for any inconvenience caused by the sudden disappearance of the original main PHRAA website, but due to unknown technical problems completely beyond our control, having been online since PHRAA was launched in 2002, without any warning suddenly disappeared from view.   (treading on too many toes perhaps?)  Desperate calls to our then website host did not provide a solution.


As we had experienced ongoing problems with the site over the past couple of years, which meant we were unable to update the information contained, we were left with no alternative but to scrap  www.phraa.co.uk  and have replaced it with a brand new version www.thephraa.website.  Unfortunately, this problem has occurred at a particularly bad moment for the PHRAA Team in that the orginal website, at the time it mysteriously disappeared was just short of achieving 1 Million hits.  As it was the last actual number of hits recorded totalled 907786 as of November 2014.  More than all the other national residents organisations put together!


Please rest assurred that this new PHRAA website will be even more informative as previously, but may take a little time to build up the same quantity and quality.   Unfortunately, as PHRAA , to preserve its total independence, does not accept sponsorship from any sector of the trade side of the Park Home Industry, (Park owners, insurance companies, etc.,) as do certain other park home owners organisations, we do not possess the financial resources to employ the clever website hosts they have at their disposal, which means that our site may not be as posh as theirs.  In the meantime much of the latest news is still available free to view and download by clicking on our siter site PHRAA NEWS.                                            www.parkhomesphraanews.co.uk The PHRAA ONLINE MAGAZINE aimed at existing park home/holiday caravan/lodge owners and potential buyers.  Thanks to all our friends, PHRAA Members and readers for your patience.  To those PHRAA  adverseries who have long standing issues with PHRAA's policy of "TELLS IT AS IT IS"   and not "HOW THEY WOULD HAVE EVERYBODY  BELIEVE IT IS"  Look out PHRAA is back online! And is not going away again.

Compiled by Ron Joyce.  General Secretary,  The Park Home Residents Action Alliance. (PHRAA)  May 2015




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MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM to join the Park Home Residents Action Alliance (PHRAA)
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PHRAA NEWS Edition 25 February / March 2016
Vital information, INCLUDES IMPORTANT" WARNING BULLETINS" for Park Home Owners and prospective park/mobile home buyers See also on www.parkhomesphraanews.co.uk
PHRAA NEWS Edition 25 February -March 2[...]
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The Park Home Residents Action Alliance (PHRAA) presents.... "The ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BUYING AND OWNING A PARK/MOBILE HOME".
Don't buy a Park/Mobile Home until you have read this information packed PHRAA production. Compiled for Park Home Owners and Buyers, by Park Home Owners. Learn, and be shocked at what life really can be like behind the seemingly peaceful looking Park Home Site. Also compares the actual often claimed cheap costs of Park Home living when directly compared with the price of conventional housing, and PHRAA's submission as to what radical reform changes need to be made to the Park Home legislation to secure a long overdue, free from exploitation, fair deal for the 250,000 Park Home Residents/owners, nationally. Petition included. Hard Copies of this document have been presented to relevant Government Departments (DCLG) Ministers, MP's and Lords and other relevant parties.etc.
PHRAA NEWS Edition 21. February-March 2[...]
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